Eractic Mousepad on the Surface Pro 4

22 Aug

I’m on a security course in Abingdon (Sophos XG Firewall Architects course to be precise); the day has ended and I’ve headed off to the local Premier Inn to settle in for the evening.  I get up to my room, plug my Surface Pro in to charge just while I’m getting sorted, yet on using the device my cursor is all over the place!  Very starnge as I’ve just been using it not half and hour ago.

I start my troubleshooting; firstly pull out my spare usb mouse – working fine.  Ok.  Next to Google and see if there are other incidents – I find a few but one in particular pointing to a potential short between the kickstand, with power plugged in.  Powere connect orr not, there’s no real difference, although interestingly, again as suggested, adjusting the kickstand does help – I tilt in back its much better, gradually bringing it up it worsens!  I’m thinking the worst but ok, I’ve got my mouse to get me through the next few days until I get home.

All sorted, I have a quick tidy, move my notebook and shut it down – hang on a second – the touchpad is working!  Perplexed, I move it back – now its not….

It turns out the culprit is the TV!  with my Surface next to it, nothing but problems – move it away – all is fine.  Definately some ‘forces’ at work there.

Moral of the story: I suppose we can’t always blame the hardware or windows….


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